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3,500 Gallon Preservation Oil Tank Truck

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12,000 Liter Refueling truck

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4000 Gallon Water Truck

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6,600 Gallon - Two Compartment, Double Conical Tandem Axle Wine Trailer

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3800 Gallon Water Trailer

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400 Gallon insulated Liberty Water buffalos

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400 Gallon non insulated Liberty Water buffalo

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6500 Gal Milk Transport Trailer

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1200 Gal Aircraft Refueler

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2000 Gallon Fuel Truck

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Fuel Bowser

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3,600 Gallon 3-Compartment Live Haul Fish Tank Truck

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1700 Gallon Vacuum Skid Tank & Truck-Mounted Hook Lift Loader

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3,000 Gallon DOT 407 2-Compartment Tank Truck

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2000 Gal Dust Control truck

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300 BBL Stainless Steel Non-Code/DOT 406 1-Compartment Tri Axle Semi Trailer

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6,176 Gallon D.O.T. 407 Wine Trailer

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Fuel Trailer

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Stainlesss Truck Tank

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ISO 9001:2015 Certification


West-Mark announces ISO 9001:2015 Certification of all design and manufacturing operations. West-Mark products continue to be recognized for the highest in quality and workmanship. Certification was received on January 16, 2020 by NAIC. West-Mark has quality certifications from ASME, National Board, and 3A. For additional information, please contact West-Mark Quality Department.


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COVID-19 Responce

Coming Events

Due to the impact of COVID-19 many of the upcoming events are being cancelled or postponed.

Events will be added again once the dates are confirmed.